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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes

Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes
Amelia Benjamin
Released June 1, 2013
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Allegra Jackson is living high. She’s a successful head hunter for a London modelling agency and at the top of her game in all respects. Now, with the help of her sidekick Oliver, she’s joined the Los Angeles branch of Valentina Blackheart Models to show them how it’s done. Allegra has a queen-sized appetite for sex, champagne and more sex, and she has no trouble getting what she wants, even though her desires can land her in hot water. LA itself is a bit of a cultural shock, but Allegra enters new foreign territory when she falls hard for all-American bachelor and real estate mogul Christian Beaumont. Life becomes even more confusing when her friend and employer Valentina Blackheart—Allegra’s fifty-something, supremely well preserved double—makes a startling proposition. Will Allegra accept Valentina’s offer for the sake of financial security, even if it means abandoning her wild lifestyle?

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About the Author
Amelia Benjamin loves shopping and many things fashion related, as well as good music, decent people, wonderful friends, and loving family. Allegra Jackson is her first novel. You can find Amelia online at

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In the interest of fair rating, this is the first novel for Amelia. With that said I am judging this book from that perspective compared to judging it from someone who has been writing for a while and has tons of books out there. 

Allegra is a headhunter for a modeling agency in London so when she is offered an opportunity to join the Los Angeles branch of the agency she jumps at the chance. Allegra definitely has an appetite for sex and a good drink. I enjoyed the story for what it was but that was all. It wasn't my favorite but it wasn't my least favorite either. The book had its good moments but did have dragging moments which is normal at times for a new author. I'm sure it's not a characteristic of Amelia and her writing. 

I would recommend reading the book and seeing for yourself. 

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