About Me

I'm someone searching for my Noah Calhoun (or Ryan Gosling if he becomes single). Happily-Ever-After's are fun to dream about, but until the day that dream comes true, I am happy reading about them in amazing books.

I knew that books were an obsession the day I couldn't put the book down to go to work and stayed awake the whole night to finish it. Since that day, books have become a passion and after purchasing two Kindles and two Nooks, it is now a full blown obsession. Books with hot heroes and strong heroines are my faves and DON'T forget about the steamy, chemistry-filled nookie! Paranormal's allow your imagination to go to places never thought of before. One of my all time favorite paranormal series is the ACRO series by Sydney Croft. Nothing like hotties with powers!!

I was a reviewer for a little over two years with another site and always thought of starting my own blog, so here it is!

I hope you enjoy and find some amazing new books along the way!


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