Monday, December 2, 2013

Unbreakable by Stephanie Tyler

A cabal of operatives with dangerous pasts teams up to work black ops missions. Their weapon: deception. Can they help one of their own before he goes too far?
When Gunner agreed to help Section 8, he didn’t realize he’d be pulled back into the shadowy world he thought he’d escaped forever. The son of double agents, he was initiated at a young age into the cold world of espionage when his father forced him to work for international smuggler Drew Landon. And when Gunner’s past with Landon threatens the other mercenaries, and, most important, Avery, he makes an impossible choiceand disappears.
Avery’s not willing to give up on Gunner. The attraction between them has been there from the start, and she rallies Section 8 to help him. She knows there’s only one way to keep Gunner safe: fake his death and take him off the grid. But when she finally locates him, Gunner is a changed man, harder, more desperate, and on the edge of self-destruction. And only Avery can find a way to free him from Landon—and from the demons of his past—before it’s too late.


So let me begin by saying that I have been waiting for Avery's story since the release of Surrender, the first book in the Section 8 series. I was constantly wondering who she would end up with, Key or Gunner? Granted I was always pulling for Gunner but Key was running a close second. I am incredibly excited for this series and now can't wait for the next one, which unfortunately won't be out until January 2015!! (If there is anything about me that you should know, it is that when I read a series I am incredibly impatient when it comes to waiting for the next one) But thankfully, I will have other amazing books to bide my time ;) Now on to the review…

The story picks up months after Surrender ends, after helping Dare and Avery rescue their father Darius, Gunner was made by the man he was intent on leaving in his past. Now, in order to save his friends and the woman he loves, he must go back to Drew Landon.

Avery has been in love with Gunner since the first time she bolted into his tattoo shop in New Orleans. Now he's run off and she is determined to bring him back home, back to her. Bringing Gunner back won't be easy and with the help of Jem, she is able to bring him back to her. But bringing him back angers the man who tried to kill her and will stop at nothing to get him back.

But is there enemy who they think he is or is there someone else they should be worried about?

I first began reading Tyler's novels after discovering that she and Larissa Ione were the author Sydney Croft whose Acro novels are not only my favorite but also started my interest in Paranormal novels. So far I have read many of her novels including the Shadow Force series and Tyler knows how to write a sexy military hunk!! In the Section 8 series you get hot guys, explosions and suspense. I am impatiently waiting for the next novel.

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