Friday, December 26, 2014

Tempting His Mate by Savannah Stuart

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Tempting His Mate
Savannah Stuart

Ella Hayes wants to get as far away from her pack as possible. Her sister blindsided her by deciding to not only mate with Ella's ex but also have a wedding with him. And she had been feeling kind of restless so she decided to move to Gulf Shores, Alabama and join her cousin Lauren's wolf pride.

Asher Kincaid has been living the life of a lone wolf for quite some time now. After letting down his mate, over a hundred years ago, he felt like he didn't deserve to be an Alpha let alone find someone to mate with again. That was until he met Ella. Something about her was different, he had never felt that way before. Too bad she had skipped out on him after a night of nonstop sex while he was in the shower.

Ella thought she would never see Asher again, he was her first and only attempt at having a wild night before starting her new life in Gulf Shores. So she was completely taken by surprise when Asher is not only joining the Kincaid pack but also the cousin of Grant Kincaid the Alpha. And to make matters even worse, they are going to be working together in the same place. Despite how her body reacts to him, she tells him "if you want me again, you have to work for it". And work for it, he has every intention to.

When an possible threat to her safety arises, Asher will stop at nothing to keep her safe. She is his, he just needs for her to see that. Will she see that they belong together? Or will she allow her past to cloud her future?

This was my first experience reading anything from Savannah Stuart who writes under her real name of Katie Reus. This is book 3 in the series but even if you haven’t read the others you will not get lost. I loved that this was focused on Ella and Asher and I didn’t feel lost knowing that I was behind two books. The chemistry was amazing between the characters and was sad that I was getting close to the end. I wish it were a full length novel instead of a novella and I hope to see more of them in future novellas. I will definitely be checking out book 4 "Saving His Mate" and then going back for books 1 & 2.


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