Saturday, December 27, 2014

Werewolf in Alaska by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Holy crap! I have had this review on my phone for a year! Scatterbrained and totally thought this review was completed already. I have no clue where this review went but here it is. So sorry about that!!

Werewolf in Alaska
Vicki Lewis Thompson

It all started with a wood carving

When Jake bought Rachel's first wood carving, it gave her the confidence to quit her veterinarian internship and pursue her passion for wood carving. Now a successful carver, Rachel is living her dream. Alone. She's tried internet dating, but none have caught her eye like the mysterious Jake Hunter. And it doesn't help that he skinny dips almost every night.

When a mother bear and her cub stumble onto Rachel's property, Jake must shift to save her. Hurt in the rescue, Rachel takes in the wounded wolf and nurses him back to health despite his multiple attempts to leave.

Jake has an undeniable attraction to Rachel, one that would indicate that she was his soulmateif she were another werewolf. Jake is firmly against mating with a human as it could mean the downsizing of their pack.

When attraction and passion are high, can anyone deny it?


**review for Werewolf in Las Vegas is up next to complete the seriesfor now!!**

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